Why Traditions 18thC Furniture?

You are investing in Heirloom pieces that will be enjoyed for generations to come. The quality of my craftsmanship will be the envy of your friends as my hand signed one of a kind showpiece is on display in your home.

Woods Used

The prices shown are estimates for Maple, Oak or Hickory as your piece may require additional details. Quotes for Cherry, Walnut and Exotic woods are available upon request

(No.1 - No.7 refers to the size of the chair)

Trestle Table

The Shakers made the design of trestle tables more graceful by using arched feet and more convenient by raising the horizontal stretcher to allow for more leg room. 

6 Foot   $2,000

7 Foot   $2,200  

8 Foot   $2,400

Stepback Cupboard

This Stepback cupboard is a fine example of simplicity and function. The top is a separate piece, which makes it manageable to move. The top cabinet can be made without pie shelf area (doors are taller).


Sewing Desk

A small desk with an open work shelf on the top and front-flush drawers for a wide range of uses. 


Hanging Wall Cupboard

"The use of adjustable hangers at the back was one of their innovations. This oversized cupboard will be particularly useful in the kitchen or bath."


Chimney Cupboard

"Tall cupboards with two doors have traditionally been called "chimney cupboards" because their shape does indeed resemble a chimney. Perfect for storing folded towels and sheets." 


Chest of Drawers

 "A piece of furniture consisting of a set of drawers, often on short legs, for holding clothing, linens, etc."

 4 Drawer    $4,250

 5 Drawer    $4,500

 6 Drawer    $4,800

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