Cabinet Maker AZ

Cabinet Maker AZ
Have you ever wondered… Is your kitchen dull or lifeless? Do the old beat up cabinets just make you not want to even be in there? Well lets do something about it! Custom cabinetry is a way to generate new life into one of the most used, talked about and gathered in rooms of your home. Whether they need to be refinished, refaced or rebuilt, custom handmade cabinets are what you need.
WHY CHOOSE US Scott Pollack I have been building Shaker and Colonial furniture in my one man shop for the past 20 years. My love of history is what introduced me to these styles. The clean, unornamented lines combined with simplistic functionality draws me to immerse myself in their rich culture. I strive to make every piece as historically accurate as possible. Every detail is carefully studied to ensure its authenticity and a blacksmith will hand forge any ironwork used on your heirloom.
In order to replicate their furniture, I must also replicate the way they worked. This means not only using the same locally grown lumber but also employing traditional hand tool and joinery methods. I can see why they enjoyed the use of these tools. Besides being peaceful, hand tools leave a glass-like surface tecture in preparation for applying a finish and they are just plain fun to use. They also provide more of an intimate contact with the wood grain allowing you to feel the subtle changes in grain structure and direction.
Aside from furniture, I am an accomplished Cabinetmaker with many years of experience designing, building and installing cabinetry. From recreating historic classics to designing modern masterpiece kitchens, I can guide you through the process of picking what is right for your home.
I hope as you wander through these pages, you will learn something about an amazing culture and maybe see that special piece that would be just right for the showplace in your home. Thank you for being here and enjoy your stay.
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